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IMS had an idea to build an ePlatform that offers regular work for temp drivers across the UK.
An ePlatform for companies to schedule work and connect with temp drivers 24/7
We have listened and addressed the concerns of both companies and drivers and built an ePlatform known as PostSched a platform that is free to Use, Share and Develop.

Building a lasting impression by giving transparency to both employers and employees at all times.

What We Do

Working with UK logistics companies and drivers, PostSched has developed a live fulfilment ePlatform enabling companies to post Shifts and Schedules that are time critical securely online locally across the UK for all registered drivers to view and accept on the go.

Our vision is to change the face of recruitment by bringing you the first online recruitment platform that you control.


Our portal allows companies to post work schedules and book drivers live anytime day or night.
Sending registered drivers an instant text and email straight to their devices allowing them to view and accept bookings in one easy step.


We are recruiting drivers across the UK giving Instant access to live work postings locally 24/7

Company Registration

Registration offers Companies transparency and Instant access to available drivers locally and nationally.


Giving both companies and drivers peace of mind by having all relevant compliance data available to view with a touch of a button.

Weekly Payments

Driver payments processed every Friday into your registered account through our back office partners.


Ready to register? Why wait, register for your free to use PostSched work account now.

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Our Partners

Simplicity has earned a reputation for being the UK’s most innovative and fastest growing specialist provider of outsourced back office and financial solutions to the recruitment sector.

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