Connecting People Through Technology

Working together sharing real-time job offerings with recruitment agencies and their candidates across a VMLF secure GDPR & Compliance platform.

Real-Time Staff Locator

An Instant Resource Of Available Sector Workers

Staffgenie’s platform allows you to pinpoint and gain direct access to your target audience in an instant, enabling you to locate and view potential candidates with live view & source technology

With a direct line of communication between companies and registered agencies, everybody is kept in the loop with their own real-time viewing & communication panel that only connects to agencies that specialise in your sectors.

This process gives both companies and agencies greater exposure & more opportunities.
It is, of course, free for agencies and companies to register with staffgenie

VMLF A Platform For Agencies & Companies

Locate Available Candidates

Real-time Candidate View

At a glance, Companies can locate available agency registered candidates and view relevant compliance paperwork and CV’s

VMLF A Platform For Agencies & Companies

Share a Placement

Direct Placement Offering

Candidates receive live push notifications informing them of a Companies interest and are asked to connect if they are interested in the position

VMLF A Platform For Agencies & Companies

Offer Positions

Candidate Offered Position

Agency & Candidates receive notifications informing them of the Companies offer of employment

VMLF A Platform For Agencies & Companies

Video Demo

Built for Perms & Split fee placements

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