Connecting People Through Technology

Working with an expanding network of recruitment agencies tempgenie offer companies and agencies instant resource of available sector workers and the ability to hire with one-click technology 

Real-Time Temp Locator

An Instant Resource Of Available Sector Workers

Tempgenie’s platform allows companies to recruit temporary workers by bringing the first online live scheduling platform, allowing instant  real-time views of available temporary workers

Giving companies instant access and transparency of a pool of temporary resources helps them manage shift schedules in real-time. It also helps agencies manage their temp desk availability by offering precise management data reporting

VMLF A Platform For Agencies & Companies

Real-Time Temp Locator

Locate Live Available Temps

At a glance, Companies can view, hire and control their temporary workforce with one-touch technology.

One Click View & Hire Technology

Direct Shift Posting

Post Works Placements Online

Post positions in real-time, directly to available registered agencies workforce and fill positions within seconds

One Click View & Hire Technology

Work On The Go

Temps Accept Work Placements

Temps receive live push notifications and accept offered position on the go on any device

One Click View & Hire Technology

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Boost your Temporary work postings across the uK!

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