Compliance Requirements

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Working together to meet all your compliance requirements with PostSched’s advanced software solution.

Managing Compliance

PostSched offer a full set of reporting tools and automated features that ease the pain of managing compliance from Agency Workers Regulations, Equal Opportunities, Eligibility to Work and Data Protection.

Eligibility to work

PostSched offers customised fields for each agency member marking a candidate’s compliance and digitally store documents easy to access and reference. We set automated reminders to check documents every 12 months and store safely for 2 years to meet your legal requirements.

PostSched constantly monitors the compliance of your registered workers and automatically alerts you to any documentation and references checks you need to process, giving you peace of mind that you are always fully compliant.

Data Protection

As a recruitment business storing personal data there are requirements that you and your team must meet. With PostSched you can relax knowing your data is securely hosted and your candidate portal is easily accessible for candidates to manage their profile and keep their information accurate and up to date.