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PostSched Video Demo

With a touch of a button instantly connect and communicate with a live pool of Staff through our Network of registered Agencies and their Workforce using PostSched’s advanced technology platform, the only VMLF (Vendor Management Live Fulfilment ) that Bridges the Gap between Agencies, Companies and Workers by offering a full transparency and engagement platform.

PostSched a platform for success.

Offering Companies, a new cloud-based software platform that gives them full access to view & communicate with live currently available workers. The software enables companies to book workers in an instance for any available shifts with one click technology through PostSched’s live VMLF platform.

Employees, getting to know your employee’s dashboard is easy.  We have built a dashboard for your convenience by integrating one click technology for you to view & accept live work postings. The platform keeps you in control in many ways, it also gives you the ability to adjust your availability calendar in real time.

The PostSched App, allowing workers to view & accept live works offerings on the go, receiving push notification directly to their mobile for work that has been posted within their self-designated mileage zone. work in your pocket.

Agencies keep control off your temporary workers with your own live dashboard that gives you all the control & data you need to support your operational functions. One of the many benefits PostSched offers is increased exposure to new companies, while allowing you to safeguard your margins. PostSched a system built for you.